Places to Stay

Ortnevik Grendehus (Village Hall)


Found in the centre of Ortnevik, the Grendehus is available to rent to small or large groups. Whether you would like to park and charge a camper van (electrical hook up available), set up a tent or stay inside the Grendehus (mattresses are available). The Grendehus has shower, toilet, washing and basic kitchen facilities. Prices:

                                          Adult:                                                                                          200 NOK

                                         Child:                                                                                           100 NOK 

                                        Camping van, shower and toilet:                                        200 NOK

                                       Tent, shower and toilet:                                                          100 NOK

For more information please contact through or phone (+4795559181) or (+4741464122).

Brekke Cabins


All cabins are on a self-catering basis. They are fitted out to an exceptionally high standard with modern conveniences. Set in mountain forest, all cabins have a view of the valley and the Sognefjord. There are three cabins to choose from ranging in size and facilities. For more information please contact through or phone (+4741464122).

Oppedal Guest House

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.43.47

An old house, built around the year 1900, then modernise in the 1980’s. The house has a kitchen, living room, bathroom and 3 bedrooms. Bedrooms include; one with a double bed and 1 single bed, one with two single beds and a child’s bed and one with one single bed.

There is also a small garden with table and chairs, barbecuing is possible. Located on a small farm near the Sognefjord where you can take a swim or fish. Unfortunately pets are not allowed and there is no wheel chair accessibility.

The price is £45 per night. For more information please contact through or 91817224 (Ingrid Oppedal) & 41100587 (Joar Oppedal).

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